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Rheumatoid Arthritis: Symptoms, Risk Factors & Treatment

What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one type of arthritis and it is a persistent inflammatory joint condition. RA is an autoimmune disease, which means the immune system misinterprets the joint linings for “foreign” objects, so it attacks and destroys them. This leads to inflammation and pain.
Around 1.3 million people in the U.S. live with rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, a 2017 report shows that between 2004 and 2014, the condition increased significantly in the U.S., affecting around 1.36 million people in 2014. According to the Arthritis Foundation, women are 70 percent more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis.
The most common symptom of rheumatoid arthritis is stiff joints, particularly after sitting down for a long time or upon waking up in the morning. Some individuals also often feel sick or fatigued and they may have a fever or loss of appetite.
Researchers have not discovered a specific cause for rheumatoid arthritis, but genes, hormones and environment can contribute. Treatment options include lifestyle changes, medication and surgery. These may stop or slow joint damage, as well as reduce swelling and pain.
Rheumatoid Arthritis vs. Osteoarthritis
Rheumatoid arthritis is different from osteoarthritis because it is an autoimmune disease, while osteoarthritis is progressive. RA develops from an overactive immune system that targets the joints and causes inflammation. The symptoms often appear quickly and worsen within a short amount of time. On the other hand, osteoarthritis is progressive, meaning it causes damage to the joints over time. It is caused by wear and tear on the joints and the symptoms usually only affect individual joints.

Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

RA symptoms can affect several different parts of the body and gradually wears away the bone. Although it may affect several different joints, they usually affect the hands (specifically the fingers and knuckles), wrists, shoulders, elbows, toes, knees, ankles and hips.
Joint Pain & Tenderness
Pain is an early defining symptom. It may affect any joint and usually it affects the body symmetrically. For example, the patient may notice pain in the joints of both feet, hands or wrists. The pain may be sharp, aching, shooting, tender or throbbing. Sometimes it may even feel like burning nerve pain. However, some patients may not feel pain specifically, but the joints may just feel tender to the touch. Bone and joint pain can be intermittent or constant, localized or widespread.
Swollen joints are also a common sign of rheumatoid arthritis, caused by inflammation. However, every patient is different and the amount of swelling may vary in different parts of the body. The swelling may make it more difficult for patients to perform everyday tasks like typing, cutting food or walking.
Redness & Warmth
In the initial stages, the patient may not notice any visible symptoms, such as redness or swelling. However, skin discoloration occurs when the inflammation widens the skin’s capillaries and they are more visible through the skin. It is usually more noticeable as the condition progresses, but subtle swelling or skin discoloration may also be an early sign. The joints may also feel warm to the touch, even if there is no visible redness.
Another common rheumatoid arthritis sign is stiffness. Specifically, patients feel stiff when the body is attacking the tissue in an active inflammatory state. The patient usually feels stiff for at least 30 minutes. Most patients feel stiff when they wake up, but the feeling may continue throughout the day. In other cases, the morning stiffness may ease throughout the day and then return at night.
Other Signs
There are also other progressive symptoms that may be a sign that the immune system is attacking the body. For example, patients may feel fatigue and loss of appetite. They may also have a slight fever.
Chronic conditions and psychological symptoms tend to coexist and rheumatoid arthritis isn’t an exception. Experts report that depression may be an early warning sign for rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, research suggests that depression is two to four times more common among people with rheumatoid arthritis than other people.
Weight Changes
Another warning sign of rheumatoid arthritis is unexplained weight loss. Because the condition can cause a loss of appetite, patients may unintentionally lose weight. It can also cause diarrheanausea and vomiting, which can also lead to a decline in body weight. On the other hand, joint pain and stiffness can make it difficult to exercise, which may reduce muscle mass.
Complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis
Joint Damage
This is a serious complication from rheumatoid arthritis. According to a study from the University of Pennsylvania, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis had substantial deficits in muscle density and muscle mass compared to subjects without it. In chronic cases and without treatment, RA can damage cartilage and bone, causing joint deformity. If patients notice a significant decrease in strength, it’s important to contact a physician.
Rheumatoid arthritis can also increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes. Similarly, patients with RA who are also obese have an increased risk for heart disease. It can also affect patient’s employment because it limits mobility.

Risk Factors for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Medical research has not identified a specific cause for rheumatoid arthritis. However, there are different risk factors that may play a role, both genetic and environmental.
Genetic Risk Factors
Researchers have identified a connection between RA and the human leukocyte antigen (HLA). Specifically, HLA is a collection of genes that experts associate with the condition. It does not cause RA, but it increases the likelihood. However, not everyone with the HLA genes has RA. There is only a connection between them.
Environmental Risk Factors
Environmental factors do not cause RA, but if a patient already has a genetic predisposition—such as HLA genes—they can increase the risk, such as second-hand smoke, air pollution, silica mineral, bacteria or viruses and exposure to chemicals and mineral oils.
Other risk factors include gender and age. Although the condition can affect anyone, it is more common in women than men. Researchers have noticed a connection between RA and biological changes, such as with contraception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Rheumatoid arthritis also tends to affect patients between the ages of 40 and 60, but younger patients can experience it as well. Also, if an individual has a family history of RA, they may be more likely to develop it as well.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis

After a doctor makes a diagnosis, they can refer the patient to a specialist called a rheumatologist who will formulate a treatment plan. There is currently no cure for RA, but treatment aims to relieve pain and inflammation in the joints, prevent or slow down joint damage and minimize any dysfunction from pain, damage or deformity. Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis may include medication, occupational therapy, surgery and lifestyle changes.
Some medications can help ease symptoms and slow down the disease’s progression. For example, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are available with or without a prescription in oral or topical forms. They help ease inflammation and pain. Corticosteroids are also powerful, fast-acting anti-inflammatory drugs that aim to slow progression. In addition, disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) work to alter the course of rheumatoid arthritis.
Physical Therapy
Although medication may be effective, it cannot treat the pain and discomfort on its own. A doctor may also recommend physical therapy or exercise. With physical therapy, the patient can learn new, effective methods to perform daily tasks. This can ease stress on the joints. Low-risk exercises can also help reduce inflammation, even if exercise is painful.
Patients with rheumatoid arthritis typically do not need surgery, unless they have severe joint damage that limits mobility, daily function and independence. Joint replacement surgery may restore function and relieve pain. The procedure replaces parts of the damaged joints with prosthetics. Surgeons may also repair damaged tendons for improved mobility or realign the joints by fusing them together.
Lifestyle Changes
Rheumatoid arthritis affects many different components of everyday life, including work, social activities and leisure. Thankfully, there are many lifestyle changes to make that may help improve the quality of life in conjunction with other treatment methods.
Physicians recommend 30 minutes of physical activity per day, such as walking, swimming or biking. Because RA increases the risk of other chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, exercise can help lower it.
Keep a Healthy Weight
Obesity can cause complications for RA patients, potentially leading to high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It’s important to maintain a healthy body weight in order to stay healthy and better manage the symptoms.

Stop Smoking
Smoking makes RA even worse and it can also increase the risk of other diseases. It may also interfere with exercise and weight loss.

Supplements for Joint Pain and Arthritis 

Supplements might help RA patients by reducing pain and inflammation in the joints. Although they do not cure the disease or completely eliminate the symptoms, patients can use supplements in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment. Consult a doctor before starting a supplement regimen. They are not an adequate medical treatment. Instead, they simply aim to improve overall health.
D-Glucosamine Sulfate Potassium
The body produces glucosamine naturally from the amino acids glutamine and glucose. It’s required to produce glycosaminoglycan, a molecule that helps repair and develop cartilage as well as other body tissues. Research claims that consuming glucosamine sulfate may raise glucosamine levels in the blood in order to repair or reverse joint damage. One study showed that glucosamine was as successful as acetaminophen in alleviating joint pain. However, the study did not clarify whether the supplement increased joint function on its own.
It is also available as a dietary supplement. Take 1,000 mg of D-glucosamine sulfate potassium powder one to three times daily, or according to a doctor’s directions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should discuss intake with a doctor.
Boswellia Serrata
Boswellia serrata has anti-inflammatory effects that experts believe may help ease joint pain. In fact, one study shows that boswellia can help relieve pain, swelling and increase mobility in patients with osteoarthritis or arthritis. Some participants experienced a drastic decrease in joint pain, which means boswellia may be as effective as prescription medications in treating arthritis or osteoarthritis.
The recommended dosage for pure boswellia serrata extract powder is 450 mg once or twice daily with food, after consulting a physician.
Chondroitin Sulfate
Chondroitin sulfate helps support cartilage health. It also plays a role in preventing enzymes from damaging cartilage. A 2018 study even suggested that taking 800 mg of this supplement per day may be as effective in relieving joint pain as taking daily 200 mg doses of NSAIDs.
As a dietary supplement, take 750 to 1,500 mg of chondroitin sulfate powder per day, or based on a doctor’s directions.
Devil’s Claw 
Devil’s claw is a common treatment for skin diseases and it may contain anti-inflammatory properties. One study tested it on subjects with various rheumatic conditions and it appeared to significantly relieve pain in the subjects’ backs, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hands. In addition, most of the subjects in the study experienced an improved quality of life. In fact, 60 percent of the participants were able to reduce or stop using other pain medicines.
The recommended dosage for devil’s claw extract powder is 1,000 mg one to three times a day, unless a physician orders a different dosage.

The Bottom Line

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, disabling and progressive autoimmune condition. It causes pain, swelling and inflammation in and around joints and other organs in the body. Unlike osteoarthritis, the symptoms can appear very suddenly and they may affect any joint in the body. Usually the pain is symmetrical and patients experience pain in joints on both sides of their bodies.
Common symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, muscle loss, mild fever and fatigue. Some people may experience depression and the condition also causes complications, such as an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes. Rheumatoid arthritis affects each patient differently.
There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis, but treatments may help ease pain, reduce inflammation, slow down the disease’s progression and possibly prevent joint damage. Rheumatoid arthritis treatments include medications, occupational and physical therapy or surgery to prevent or repair damage to the joints. Physicians also recommend regular exercise to keep the joints strong and reduce inflammation. Supplements are also proven to help with bone strength and health. They may even help combat rheumatoid arthritis, in combination with other medical treatments.
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Men and women can get a great hairstyle for thick frizzy hair in their homes. This type of hair has many natural advantages, so if you want to try this particular hairstyle, it can be great for you. First, you have a lot of options. The ones below are very popular among the men and women who want to get a great hairstyle for thick frizzy hair. There are many ways to curl up your hair. You can curl them up with the help of a curl comb or even the curling iron. Many people like this style because it looks good and it is very easy to do. Check out home remedies for hair fall here. If you are on the go, you should try many different types of hair. You can use any type of hair if you want to go with the Pompadour hairstyle. For those who have curly hair, they can even use gel or oil to their hair to make it look very good. You can also choose a unique style of hairstyle for thick frizzy hair. You can try either of the long straight hairstyles or the curly styles. Just remember that it depends on how you care for your hair. You can also try using some tools to help you change your hair to grow long hair. If you have a strong hold, you can use the curling iron to make your hair appear to be thicker. You should also try using hair spray. If you are looking for a hairstyle for thick frizzy hair, there are many choices available. You can try the classic and short hairstyles or you can also try the ones with more fringe, such as the French or the Manic hairstyle. Read more about how to deal with dry hair here. For thick frizzy hair, you can try almost anything. It is just a matter of how you care for your hair and how you treat it.
Amla Oil For Hair Growth Reviews
Amla oil for hair growth reviews are a great source of information if you want to know how to grow your hair. Amla oil for hair growth reviews may be useful in showing you the pros and cons of using this oil for hair growth. Using this oil is not an easy task. You have to be careful with the contents of the oil because if the product is contaminated with harmful chemicals then it may cause severe skin irritations and various other problems. Amla oil for hair growth reviews will help you make the right choice when you use this oil for your hair growth. This oil is also used as hair regrowth treatments. It has an excellent reputation when it comes to stimulating hair follicles, improving blood circulation and boosting the level of collagen and elastin in the scalp. Thus, it is considered to be one of the most effective products that can be used for promoting hair growth. Amla is extracted from the fresh roots of the Amla plant which is known to grow in tropical and subtropical countries like India, South Africa, Kenya and Thailand. Amla oil for hair growth reviews will help you to know more about the advantages of using this oil for hair growth. This oil is primarily used to promote faster hair growth. However, using this oil may lead to irritation of the scalp and aggravate skin problems. Therefore, it is always recommended to use this oil under the supervision of a qualified professional. Also, read more about Best Hydrating Serum in this post. While purchasing this oil, you must take care to make sure that it is manufactured under the control of reputed manufacturers. You should purchase this oil from reputed companies that are selling Amla oil for hair growth reviews. They are very particular about the ingredients of the product and their purity. Therefore, they do not accept the products from unauthorised sources. When you are looking for hair growth products, you have to be extra careful because the market is full of untested products that do not work at all. Thus, you have to use caution when selecting the products for your use. The amla oil for hair growth reviews that you find on the internet should be enough to guide you about the pros and cons of using this oil for hair growth. If you are not careful, you might use all oil for hair growth reviews to purchase other products that are not suitable for your use. You have to be careful with such products. You must keep the product out of your reach. These products are generally sold in the market without any prior or informed consent. Thus, you have to check the ingredients of the product carefully before you buy it. The amla oil for hair growth reviews will tell you about the effects of the product. If the review tells you that the product is ineffective, you must not buy it. In addition, you have to be cautious with such products that contain chemicals, harsh ingredients and no natural ingredients. Check out Hair Falling Out In Clumps Treatment here. To conclude, it is always recommended to read the amla oil for hair growth reviews before you buy the product. If you want to buy the product from reputed companies, you can go through the reviews to find out about the effectiveness of the product. However, you must always be aware of the fact that the product that you purchase should be free from any harmful chemicals and other chemical residues.
What is sinusitis? Causes, symptoms & treatment | Tracuuthuoctay
What is sinusitis? Sinusitis occurs when the space inside your nose and head (sinuses) is swollen and inflamed for three months or longer. This condition interferes with the way mucus often flows out and makes your nose stuffy. Breathing through your nose can be difficult and the area around your eyes may feel swollen or painful. Sinusitis is also caused by an infection, due to the growth of your sinuses or swelling of your sinus mucosa. Also known as chronic pharyngitis, this condition can affect both adults and children. What are the types of sinusitis and sinus infections? Sinusitis can be classified in several ways, based on its duration (acute, subacute or chronic) and type of inflammation (either infectious or non-infectious). Acute sinus infection (acute sinusitis or acute bacterial pharyngitis) usually lasts less than 3-5 days. Subacute sinus infection lasts one to three months. Chronic sinus infection is greater than three months. Chronic sinusitis can be classified as chronic sinusitis with or without nasal polyps. Recurrent sinusitis has a few episodes of sinusitis every year. Sinus infection is usually caused by uncomplicated virus infection. Less often, bacterial growth causes sinus infections and fungal sinus infections are infrequent. Types of acute and chronic sinus infections are often the result of an incomplete treatment of acute sinus infection. Non-infectious sinusitis is caused by irritants and allergies and follows the same general timeline for acute, subacute and chronic sinusitis as infectious sinusitis. What are the symptoms of sinusitis? Pain in the sinuses Pain is a common symptom of sinusitis. The location of sinusitis varies from above and below the eyes as well as behind the nose. Any of these can hurt when you have a sinus infection. Inflammation and swelling make your sinuses dull. You may feel pain in the forehead, the sides of the nose, in the upper teeth or between the eyes. Runny nose When you have a sinus infection, you may need to blow your nose often because your nasal discharge can be cloudy, green, or yellow. This fluid comes from an infected sinus and flows into your nose. Waste can also flow down the back of your throat. You may feel ticklish, itchy or even a sore throat. Stuffy nose Inflamed sinuses make it difficult to breathe through your nose. The infection causes swelling in your sinuses and nose. Do stuffy hats. Headache The constant pressure and swelling in your sinuses can give you headache symptoms. Sinus pain can also cause ear pain, toothache and pain in the jaw and cheeks. Sinus headaches are usually the worst in the morning because the fluid has accumulated throughout the night. Your headache may also get worse when the atmospheric pressure of your environment changes abruptly. Irritating to throat and cough When the secretions from the sinuses flow down the back of the throat it causes irritation; Especially for a long time. This can lead to persistent and uncomfortable coughing, which can be worse when lying down to sleep or the first thing in the morning after waking up. It can also make it difficult to sleep. Sleeping straight or lifting your head up can help reduce the frequency and intensity of coughs. Sore throat and hoarse voice Another symptom is that the disease will make your throat rough and sore. Although it's a mild symptom at first, it can get worse. If your infection lasts for a few weeks or more, mucus will make your throat inflamed, leading to a sore throat and a hoarse voice. Xem thêm thông tin thuốc tại Tracuuthuoctay: https://tracuuthuoctay.com/viem-xoang-la-gi/
How to Grow Hair Faster Naturally?
If you are one of those people who are unsure how to grow hair faster, then this article will be perfect for you. This article will be discussing on 3 tips on how to grow hair faster naturally. The first tip is to always follow a healthy diet and be healthy as a hair. Do not start using products that are going to weaken your hair and skin due to using a lot of chemicals on them. The second tip is to keep your body's metabolism up and you will be able to nourish your hair. What I mean by nourish is provide good nutrients to your hair which are necessary for its growth. Taking food and drink from nature is a great way to nourish your hair and also help it to grow. You can read more about healty hair in this post. The third tip is to take a warm bath, which is enough to use as an herbal shampoo. It helps to make the blood circulation so that the follicles can flourish and generate more hair. The warm water is important to dry up the dirt and skin that may block the follicles which results to loss of hair. As you can see the fastest way on how to grow hair faster naturally is to have a healthy diet and maintain your body well. It will also make sure that you maintain your hair well. You can do this by eating natural foods and taking a warm bath after your meals. Also, when using products that might be harmful to your hair and skin, do not just stop using them. Instead, use the natural remedies to nourish your hair and keep your skin glowing. Once you have made these methods work for you, you will see that how to grow hair faster will be easier for you. So make sure that you take care of your body well and do not let it weaken because of using chemical products. Read more about how to increase hair volume and thinness here. Now that you know how to grow hair faster naturally, enjoy your hair for a long time. As long as you take care of your body, you will be able to maintain a good health for it.
The Best Hair Mask For Hair Growth
The best hair mask for hair growth is one that provides vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, and amino acids, which promote hair growth and hair health. If you do not include vitamins and minerals, you are not going to be healthy either. When you want to learn what the best hair growth products are, you need to be aware of your diet, your lifestyle, and your daily diet in general. If you are lacking certain vitamins and minerals, you can help your hair by making sure you are eating the right food and getting enough sleep. However, if you have a poor diet or are lazy, you are going to be in trouble because there is no way you are going to get all the nutrients you need, especially when it comes to your hair. Your hair grows as a result of you having a healthy lifestyle, and that is one of the best ways to improve your hair growth. In addition, you should make sure that you are getting enough rest each night. When you don't get enough sleep, you are not giving your body what it needs to keep itself healthy. Check out Best Curly Hair Products here. When you are looking for the best hair growth products, you need to know that there are many, many different brands available. However, you should make sure that you are using one that will help you restore the levels of nutrients that your body is deficient in. This is not only good for your hair, but it is good for your overall health as well. The first thing you need to do to find the right hair growth product is to make sure that it contains the right ingredients. You need to be careful about these products as they may contain harmful ingredients that are going to make your hair thin, dry, and even fall out. Therefore, you need to be very careful and be sure that you are choosing the right brand for your hair. When you are looking for the best hair growth products, you also need to be aware of how often you wash your hair. You need to make sure that you are only washing your hair at night and only using mild shampoo so that your hair is not exposed to harsh chemicals and heavy products. When you are not careful, your hair will definitely be affected by the harsh chemicals. When you are looking for the best hair growth products, you also need to make sure that you are not using products that contain synthetic substances. These products could be doing damage to your hair as well, and you should avoid them. Instead, use products that contain natural ingredients, such as herbs, which are going to promote the growth of your hair. Check out hair fall treatment here. The best hair growth products should be easy to use, and they should have a natural scent. You should also be able to remove the product with ease and leave it on for thirty minutes to an hour. After the thirty minutes, you should rinse it thoroughly and apply a moisturizing conditioner to help you re-hydrate your hair.
Honey and Almond Oil For Hair
Honey and almond oil for hair have been quite popular for a while now. This is due to the fact that they do not make you look too much like a hippie in the beach. It does, however, go well with all colors of hair, particularly light colors like blond and brunette. There are still people who like to use them but it is only because they are afraid of the darker colors, especially black. Honey and almond oil for hair are what you need if you are looking for something simple, affordable and easy to apply. You can use it on your own or with help from professionals. Both are good on dry hair but this is going to be determined by the texture of your hair and the thickness of your product. Both the oil and the lotion need to be used on the scalp first and then massaged on the hair. Depending on the product, you will need to use a comb to massage in the oil to the roots. As for the lotion, you will have to dip a brush into it and gently apply it over the head. Check out Best Dreadlock Extensions here. One caution that you need to keep in mind is that the lotion may fade away once it is applied on the hair. So you might want to apply it at least once before washing. And if the hair starts to get oilier, you should be sure to wash the hair out properly with a shampoo that does not contain any oil. The good thing about these products is that they are both biodegradable and will slowly work their way out of the hair after being left there for several days. You should also take note that both the oil and the lotion are natural so you can use them for longer periods of time without any negative side effects. What's more, they are also perfectly safe on the scalp so you don't have to worry about your hair from drying out. One thing that you need to be careful about is that the lotion can get really thick if left on the hair for too long. You need to apply one small amount to your hair and then leave it on your hair for five minutes. This is to make sure that the product stays well blended with the hair's cuticle. If it dries out, you need to wait for a few more minutes. Smooth and silky hair can be achieved with both these products. You can use them just for styling and just for moisturizing. As for which is better, honey and almond oil for hair are good to use both as a moisturizer and as a stylist. They are also great for mixing up a new look. Read more about hair care tips here. The two products are made from different ingredients so you can mix and match different recipes for different looks. They work well with various kinds of hair and can give you a bit of extra attention on your hair. With the help of these oils and lotions, you can get everything you need to keep your hair looking gorgeous.
Castor Oil and Coconut Oil For Hair Growth Reviews
Castor oil and coconut oil for hair growth reviews can help you figure out which of these products are the best for your hair. There are a number of different products that you can use to grow your hair but you have to know which ones work the best. Coconut oil and castor oil are both very effective natural hair growth treatments that can help you achieve the same results that you see in hair care product reviews. Hair loss has become a major problem for many people, especially men. This is because the rate at which our hair falls off is increasing and this leads to a lot of hair falling out each day. Many people have been using castor oil and coconut oil for hair growth reviews because they find them to be very effective. It does not matter what age you are or how much your hair has fallen out, there are some products that can help you grow back the hair that you have lost. Of course, the more you use the product, the better it will work for you. Find out hair care routine in this post. If you are one of the many people who are looking for natural products to help your hair grow back, then you should try one of the products that contain castor oil and coconut oil. You should be careful though because not all products are the same. Some products are even harmful to your hair so you need to be careful in choosing the one that you use. Before you buy a product, you need to do some research to see which products are the best and which ones are not going to work for you. You need to check whether the products work on your hair and whether they contain harmful chemicals. Once you have done this, you can make an informed decision when it comes to buying a product. It is also important to understand that there are many products that will help you grow your hair back. You just need to know which ones are the best for you. This is because some products will not work for you and others can give you the results that you want. The more products that you buy, the better for you. If you want to use the products that are listed as the best for you, then you should know that there are two ways to find out which ones are the best. One way is to read a review, which is the best way to do research, and the other way is to use a product and see if it works for you. Also, find out Right Essential Oil Blend For Itchy Skin here If you use a product and find out that it did not work for you, then you can go back to the hair growth reviews and find out if another product is available. Then you can try another product until you find the one that works for you. When you use the right hair growth products, you will notice an increase in the amount of hair that you have.