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Photographer Nick Kalathas (Nature's Moments)
@strawberrychip Glad I could help express what you wanted to say :)
@strawberrychip That makes complete sense! There is a famous quote, I don't remember who said it but it goes something like this, "Photographers often lie to get to a greater truth." So in a sense, photographers enhance images beyond the human eye's natural ability in order to show or express something even more profound.
I've always said that pictures never do the real thing justice, but I'm beginning to realize good photographers are able to capture the beauty of nature and even enhance it. It feels like photographers have the ability to take photos that slow down movements (like this water)that naturally occur to show nature at its best. hehe I don't know if that makes sense...
@dillonk That is very cool quote!
@dillonk That's exactly what I was trying to say. I'm glad you understood what I was trying to say!
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