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Here is a compilation of crashes in the sport of cyclocross. Crashes happen often, but here is a quick view of what happens in the typical cyclocross race. Remember, if you want to get into cyclocross, you can't be scared to crash. Crashing is part of the sport, so is getting back on the bike. So crash that bike, pick it up, wipe the mud off your face, jump on that bike, and do it all over again. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.
Cyclocross racers know what they are getting into. Crashing is just part of the sport
@curtis To race, usually yes. You may be able to find someone willing to let you borrow their bike, but the crowd in these types of events participate as much as the athletes do!!
Oh ok, I just googled it and there is one near me, do i need a bike?
@curtis it depends on the time of the year and most racing is done in the fall and winter. You may be able to find one near you if you type in you hometown name into google followed by cyclcross
Thanks @teamwaffles, are there tracks I can go to to try it out?
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