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Tracking Products using Graph Databases

The manufacturing industry is facing great challenges in terms of digitizing its processes. One of the most important processes is the proper tracking of the products they manufacture, from the beginning until they are delivered to the customer. The reason for this is that if during the manufacturing process, any error occurs (whatever the cause) it is necessary to identify all the products that could have been affected in order to withdraw them from the market.

The problem is that the most popular database management systems to date were those based on the relational model (tables and relationships) which make it very difficult to implement solutions for problems whose nature is quite complex since there are many M:N relationships. However, the appearance of the graph databases has meant a great opportunity to solve this problem in a natural way. This is because graph databases allow you to model the problem using nodes and connections, which is how you should model a tracking problem. In this sense, we have been working on a solution and have already started to get preliminary results. For more information: