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To be longer and slimmer, a dream almost every girl wants. The sad part is that there are a lot of people of whom that is not possible. But there is no reason to stress because with the right clothes and style, you can look longer and slimmer. I will give you some tips that will help cover any flaws and accentuate your good qualities: 1. Vertical  Are you wearing loose fit clothes only because you think you are chubby?(fat? oversized?). It will actually make you look fatter and bigger than you actually are. Try something with some curvature in the mid session; something that fits your body. Simple straight pants or a dark color skirt is also a good choice. If it is made from thin material, even better. Vertical stripes makes you look slimmer and longer. Try more vertical than horizontal.  2. High waist with belt High waist slip work almost as well as high heels. It will make your legs longer. And also your entire body will look slimmer.  3. Use same colors for your top and bottoms. Choosing colors that are not too bright is preferable.  You can create vertical lines by using the same color tone for your top and bottoms. This will definitely make you slimmer. Sophisticated navy and black are the most popular colors for this. One thing you should also remember is that when you try this, if you cover your whole body with the same color it can make you look too stuffy. So when you choose a skirt or pants, it is better to choose something shorter. Simple lined jackets without too much details would also work perfectly.
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Love all these tips you give out girl! This is probably a girl’s only concern when they put on clothes to go out, Does this make me look fat? but I guess now I won’t have to worry as much after reading your tips :D