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This is part 2 of amazing celebrity skeletons. In this group, there are vigilante lynchers, conjoined twins, nazis. The most amazing part is that Russel Crowe, yes that Russel Crowe, was part of an Australian pub rock band named Roman Antix under the name Rus le Roq and that is by far the least interesting one! Check out the rest of these revealing secrets of some of the biggest stars here: 1) Jackie Coogan -> Before he was Uncle Fester, Jackie Coogan was once part of a mob that broke into a jail and dragged out two people suspected of murdering Brooke Hart, Coogan's close friend. Coogan apparently prepared the rope, and helped pull the rope. 2) Andy Garcia was born with a conjoined twin no bigger than a tennis ball attached to his shoulder. A scar remains on the place where his unformed brother was surgically removed. 3) In 1969, Samuel Jackson and small group of students at Morehouse College held several members of the board hostage for changes in the curriculum. He was not arrested, but he was suspended. No wonder he is such a tough guy in the movies! 4) Coco Chanel was a nazi agent. 5) Prince Charles collects toilet seats, and takes one wherever he travels. Let me say this because everyone is probably thinking this: what is wrong with the British Royal family?? 6) Russel Crowe used to be in an australian pub rock band named Roman Antix under the name Rus Le Roq. -> what?!!
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I am not sure how I feel about #4 & #5 .. i feel like there should be some kind of explanation for the fourth fact but at the same time i don't really know what kind of explanation I am looking for hahah and the fifth one... good lord... you are right what is wrong with the British Royal Family ...