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i think they are both good in acting but of course i love minho more.
min ho lee forever....
of cours lee min ho oppa<3
Jerry all can say lmh coz it was just recently shown but soon will fade....Jerrys awards and achievements proved that he is a way way more better handsome and good actor..he is a total package a hunk w/ a delicious bod.y..hehehe..He can capture the hearts of both teens,women of middle ages of all ages in fact,gays and grandparents.LMh was not able to do that yet..He was not able to get the attention of people worldwide more than the attention that Jerry got..sorry...he is not just my type..aside from that he looks like a copycat.wonder if what they did with his face that maked him look like fir me Jerry wins over all!
lee min ho oppa .. <3