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HE wrote on his official site ( hyun joon oppa : "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^ I wanted to draw a picture while shooting drama to say greetings for Christmas and New Year Eve at once^^ Wishing everyone not have a lonely in 2014~~a bonus, It's like my beard long...ㅜㅜ Suits me kekekeke Merry Christmas everyone and wish you to look people around you and do something heartwarming Like a little poor me... kekeke" OMG HOW COME I DIDNT C DIS SIGHHH HAVE I BEEN DAT BUSY sorry oppa i was in UK oppa plzz forgive meee and thanku chingu @rachel fuentes for reminding me abt oppa site so i cd check up on his personal msgs 2 his fans on his site HENECIAS woww oppa is sooo adorable and yes i always wanted 2 c u in a beard thnku solo much 4 making it come true saranghhae oppa :) <3 U R THE BEST ND I LOVE U AND U DRAWING IS JUST WOWW MADE MY DAY sorry for being late but it btrr late then nvvrrr i am glad i saw and i had 2 share w u all <3
where it is send it to me pls...where are you from
@hyunsaeng638 but 4 subs i have a dfrnt side i follow lol i found it :-D;-)♥
@hyunsaeng638 oppas msgs r on in the logo from HJ just click on dat u will c all oppa msgs 2 his fans personally
OK...I HAVE login but i cannot read henecia and cannot comment no eng....pity me
@hyunsaeng638 sighhh thr is a membership fee 4 $60. and what the later says all in korean so you cant even fill it out :-P but u can make an accout nd read oppas msgs but cant comment on them until u bcm an official member :-P i have an account so i check regularly :-)♥
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