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While the military flag rule passed, a similar bill requiring all government-purchased flags be made in the U.S. has repeatedly failed. The change isn’t cheap. Chinese-made flags cost significantly less than all-American ones. The new requirements apply the existing Berry Amendment passed in 1941 to flags. That amendment bans the Defense Department from buying food, clothing, military uniforms, fabrics, stainless steel, and hand or measuring tools that are not grown or produced in the United States, except in rare exceptions.
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its a political move i suppose, maybe they want to bring more jobs into the us
I think maybe it's economical? keeping the money within the states? considering the US economics haven't been booming lately ..
I think that the money is probably so meaningless that it isn't having any significance, but maybe I'm wrong?
guys I think that keeping money inside the country makes no sense economically, its actually bad for the nation as a whole. Trade is always better for both parties otherwise it wouldn't happen!
@curtis you do have a point there ... hmmm.. So I wonder why they started pursuing the issue this way