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After performances in New York and LA, we went to Latin America. Right here is Peru, which we visited for the first time! Peru feels a lot different from New York. In Peru, the performance hall was outdoors. So there were lots of things to take pictures of. I have taken a picture of Yong Hwa, an excellent model who makes the best poses when I am holding the camera. It is a picture that I took at the back of the waiting room after the rehearsal for the performance in Peru is over. It is always fun taking pictures of the leader of CNBLUE who is also the oldest member. He automatically makes poses and he sometimes takes a picture of me also. There are so many fans lined up behind Yong Hwa and can everyone see them? No doubt… This is Yong Hwa, who can easily make a pose that can sometimes look awkward. The fact that people from this far away know CNBLUE and passionately support our concert was rather cool and an honor. I felt that a lot of people love CNBLUE while doing the world tour so I was happy and at the same time, the sense of responsibility got bigger. This is guitarist from CNBLUE, Jong Hyun. It is him going around the performance hall before the rehearsal. This person… He is relatively picky when taking pictures. It is hard to find him standing still.. He is a picky model but Jong Hyun, he really is white.. Yes.. He resembles the mayonnaise. Next up. This is Min Hyuk, the drummer from CNBLUE, in the middle of the rehearsal. The truth is, out of all the pictures in my camera, I have least of Min Hyuk… I don’t know the reason why. However, when I looked with the perspective of someone who takes pictures, Min Hyuk was really chic… Why would Min Hyuk through the lens be so chic..? And last but not least of this world tour, Chile! The day before the concert, we went to different places for SBS comeback show that will be aired on March 2nd (make it as an excuse). We met a kid in a restaurant. I have taken a picture of the kid who was really naïve in the camera. I thought that this kid will match well with the song ‘Children’s Song’, the song that is listed in the album Can’t Stop. Also, throughout the regions in Chile, we could see either graffiti or fancy decorations easily and it was said that it also helps to fight off evil spirits. When we were passing by, there happened to be kids under the shade~ We love kids very much, and Yong Hwa is saying hi… We also went to a wine farm for the after-party after the concert. Maybe because the entire performance is over, everyone looked really relaxed. That’s me taking pictures and I see Min Hyuk, who is looking at me(?) from afar~ When I looked at the members through the lens and took the pictures myself, I was able to feel once again that ‘everyone is becoming mature and are really turning into men’. It is our 5th year since our the debut and I think I will be happy if I can be together with the members for a long time and hold the pictures of them in my camera. There are more pictures but sadly, this is it for now~ There are lots of parts in which I lack but I hope everyone look at it in a positive way. I hope to keep enjoying taking pictures and share it with everyone from now on to the future~ Thank you for watching until the end and please show lots of support toward CNBLUE Can’t Stop that will be released on February 24th.