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High Cut magazine featured a romantic photo shoot with Yoon Eunhye and Seo Kangjun in their 120th volume, released on the 20th of February. In several of the shoots, Yoon Eunhye portrays the painful expression of a woman whose relationship has just ended with a past lover. In others, she wore jewelry from Cartier and posed with Seo Kangjun like they were lovers. According to the staff, Yoon Eunhye guided and advised Seo Kangjun, as she had much more photo shoot experience and lead the photo shoot. However in the interview included in this volume, Yoon Eunhye expressed that it was actually their first time meeting, and she took the lead because she thought he would be too shy to approach her first. But while working with him, she saw a calm sincerity in him, and praised his good looks. She was also asked what dramas she watched, and to everyone’s expectation, she revealed that it was “You Who Came From the Stars”. She praised the drama greatly, saying that the script was perfect, the actors were perfect and the director was perfect. Furthermore, when asked about her future goals, she expressed that she often found herself to be expecting respect and good treatment as she had always been the main character of many dramas, however in order to be able to handle criticism, failure and rejection, she must invest more time in training and strengthening herself. Thus, she has goals of becoming a stronger and more open-minded person, despite the fact that it may be painful along the way. Check out the full interview in the 120th volume of High Cut, which is will be available on iPhones and iPads through their app from the 25th of February. On the app, there will also be videos of their photo shoot, so make sure to check it out! Source: Sports Chosun
@divalycious the only drama I have seen on that list is Good Doctor... and wow I have no clue who this man is lol
@ameliasantos10 … i've never seen him much less heard about him, so i turned to my handy dandy source ... http://asianwiki.com/Seo_Kang-Joon
@divalycious Seo Kang Jun looks familar but I just can't pin point where I have seen him from... do you know which drama he was in??