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The Denim shirt is a very basic simple item, but its also very versatile. The Denim shirt is must-have item you have to keep in your wardrobe because of its versatility and beauty.  Here are some tips you should know in order to make your denim shirts fit you well this spring season: 1. Go with printed items. One of the best combinations in fashion is Denim and printed patterns. Formal style patterned leather jackets go with denim perfectly. Or try printed pants or skirts with a Denim shirt.  2. Open Denim shirt look.  The opened demim shirt can give you a natural and active look. An opened denim shirt on a printed one piece dress can work well as jacket. This would give you a chic look.  3. Accessories A pretty and casual look can be achieved by matching a denim shirt with the right accessories. Try buttoning up your denim shirt and wear a bold necklace. Or fold back the sleeves of your denim shirts and wear 2 or 3 different bracelets. When you wear an oversized denim shirt and wear a belt on it, but don't forget to fold your cuffs so that you will look much more stylish.  4. Denim on denim Denim on denim was considered a fashion taboo before but not anymore. When you mix two different denim items, a common tip is that you try a lighter denim as your top, and try a darker denim as your bottom. 
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Thanks for the tips :) I need advice on one though, so I bought this adorable denim shirt that has a bit of pattern on it and I always wanted to match it with this other denim shorts but my shorts are lighter colour than the shirt itself... totally the opposite of what you posted on your tips.. lol do you still think I should give it a try though?? @LauraAJ
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