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"@JYHeffect: 안녕하세요 여러분~~~! 드디어 #Can't stop 이 공개 되었습니다~!!!!! 들어보셨나요? 어떠세요~!?? #CNBLUE" [TRANS] "@JYHeffect: Hello everyone~~~! Finally, #Can't stop is released~!!!!! Have you heard it? How was it~!?? #CNBLUE"
but i mean it's a great thing to be happy and excited @divalycious so don't beat yourself to it too much : D
@ameliasantos10 ... i just keep reminding myself ... "this too shall pass" ... i try to not let things get me down ... hugggs to you ... :D
@divalycious your excitement and good mood is totally transferring through your comments lol i am seriously jealous of how great your day is going!!!!!
@ameliasantos10 … aahhhhhhhhhh geeezzzzz … if only you knew the half of it … :D … they were my silver lining
hahahhahahahhahahaha omg you and your hashtags #can'tstopyou but now I am listening to it and I think no one will try to stop CN Blue ... They never disappoint their fans do they?? @divalycious I am a little bit jealous of how great your day went hahaha
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