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Olympic Lens: Your fan-powered photo experience -> lens.olympic.ca #BreakfastOfChampions #Canada #Olympics #Sochi2014 #WeAreWinter / Lentille Olympique: Votre expérience olympique en photos -> lens.olympic.ca/fr #DéjeunerdesChampions #Sotchi2014 #noussommeslhiver (Photo @aitcc)
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rofl ... eeeeegaaaaddddddddddd @ameliasantos10 i see i am an open book ... #yougotme
3 years ago·Reply
hahaha @divalycious ;) lol and i think we just started a hashtag trend on vingle lol *high five* even though hash tag doesn't work on vingle LOLLLLL
3 years ago·Reply
wait is that a maple leaf made out of BUTTER ahahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@nokcha oh my gosh I think it is @.@
3 years ago·Reply
@nokcha ... yes it is ... do you see the treadmill in the corner of the pic ... ahhh it ran away .. lmao
3 years ago·Reply