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Thailand's prime minister on Sunday condemned weekend attacks on her opponents that killed three people, including two children, and pledged to bring the attackers to justice. A 12-year-old boy and a woman about 40 died when a bomb exploded at an anti-government rally outside a shopping mall in the Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok, the Erawan Emergency Center reported. The 22 wounded included a preteen boy and girl who were in critical condition, said Lt. Gen. Paradon Patthanathabut, Thailand's national security chief.
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@pampam93 what do you think would be enough for the protesters to concede?
@curtis I think for us human we just can't really wrap our head around the concept of enough... when you give them one thing they will ask for another .. but in Thailand it's just a cycle... back and forth between the two groups maybe when a new face someone completely new and belong to neither side show up ... that's when they will see it as enough?
Yeah hasn't this unrest been going on for a while? DO you have any family there?
I am currently in Bangkok myself : ) but luckily I don't have any thing to do near the protest so I am quite safe... Bangkok as a whole is safe as long as you avoid the area and yes the protest have been going on for almost half a year
Which part of the city are they in? I've been before so maybe I'll know