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I'm sure theres some people on here who are really excited about the next olympics. In a reference to the now-famous hang-fire when the last Olympic ring failed to ignite in the opening ceremony two weeks ago, Tamara says: "Russia has a sense of humor. Glowing silver people form Olympic Rings with sad snowflake unopened. Then open it to laughter and applause."
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@joebiden why does this say the flame passes (actually your title says pashes lol) to pyeongchang? I thought the games were in South Korea not North Korea, or am I missing something here?
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@goyo I corrected the typo. "pash" actually means a brief infatuation, so maybe the title was applicable since the olympics are so fleeting.
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I don't understand why would reference North Korea? Pyeongchang is about a hundred miles east of Seoul. Were you thinking of pyongyang, NK?
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