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Look at how adorable they look in a Kangaroo costumes lol but Kim Woo Bin's face is totally priceless while Jong Kuk seems to be enjoying himself LOL As many of you know Running man crew is currently in Australia filming a special episode and with the guests being Kim Woobin and Rain! @divalycious @saharhyunjoong
@ameliasantos10 lol mee 2 only few cant watch it all sighhh 2 longgg :-P i even skip the ep 2 the part i like lol :-D but i am surely gnna watch dis one :-) thnx unnie nd good night its 1am in ny :-)♥ gooodnight :-)♥
@saharhyunjoong you are not a fan of running man??? haha but again I wouldn't call myself a fan either I watch it from time to time i guess :D
@ameliasantos10 mee 2 unnie i will watch it 2 not a fan of running man but i am gnna watch dis ep 4 sure :-)♥
hahahahahah tat is so true!! @saharhyunjoong I just love his characters in those dramas!! the bad boy but softer guy inside image fit him so well :) I can't wait for this episode of running man!!
@ameliasantos10 unnie dats y the character in heirs nd 2013 was perfect 4 oppa u knw what i mean he has the bad boy tough guy side in him but always cute nd adorable pure nd honest uri oppa kim woo bin :-)♥
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