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Shared vacations are one of the best perks of being part of a couple. Travel expands the mind and shared experiences can help the two of you bond. Are you thinking of bringing up a weekend away, but not sure if the time is right yet? While a trip together is a great way to grow closer, it can also add stress if the relationship is still too new. Every relationship happens on its own timetable. Yours will depend on how often you are able to see each other, your comfort levels with one another and a host of other factors. Instead of setting a length of time after which a trip away is okay, go by milestones. You may be ready to suggest a trip together if: 1. You're exclusive. If you two have been dating long enough to make things official, that is one sign that you are ready to spend a good chunk of time alone together. Discovering a new place with your love is a great bonding experience. 2. The relationship has gotten intimate. If the two of you have not slept together yet, you may not be ready for a weekend away. Thinking that a trip might be a good time to move things to the next level? It may be best to reconsider. Sex is important, but, making a huge ceremonial deal out of your first time together can put too much pressure on the relationship. 3. You're starting to ponder living together. Considering sharing a bed seven nights a week? A good way to test the waters is to "play house" by spending some time sharing space during a vacation. In fact, a weekend away together should be a prerequisite to living together. How can you know if you are truly compatible with someone until you've seen how they behave while lost and stuck in traffic in a strange city? Just remember that vacations are an escape from real life; a trip away together cannot tell you 100% one way or the other whether it's time to share a home. No matter how long you've been together, tread lightly when suggesting that first trip. A weekend away may be a better bet than a week in the Caribbean. Plan carefully so that the vacation is a positive experience for you both. And, don't forget to have fun!
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@kristenadams do you think there’s a specific time period of how long you have been with the person before you can go on a weekend away? I mean it’s probably different for everybody but I think for me you have to really be comfortable with your partner to go to a new place together especially and it requires trust in each other too :)