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Some imressive athletic feats from none other than BIG BANG's leader Kwon Ji Yong! <3
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hahaha @ameliasantos10 he does look scrawny!! haha As for the 1N2D is the only one 1 found so far but i'm still looking for that one move... I might have seen it on an all-together diff show, now i'm not sure anymore!
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@serbshavemofun thanks :) I will definitely check the clip out! and btw I just messaged you something :D
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you were finding the clips for me??!?!?! ohmygod thank you so much and wow he's really strong :)
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@ameliasantos10 I found it!!!!! omg took me like 2 hrs - but i added the clip! I got it from
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haha yea bc it was really and went with this post anyway! lol Also, I hate giving up lol altho I never expected to take as long as it did!!
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