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@divalycious hahahahahahhaha awww he is a very talented man though! he has the face and the talent I am sure he completes alot of people checklist >.< i think for me I am tilted toward Hyunbin more than Younghwa I mean younghwa is great but baby hyunbin is cute too!!~ Do you remember my name is kim samsoon??? >_<
and Kim Tae Woo's comment @ameliasantos10 i betcha yonghwa's dating!! how ever did he know about us ... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh :( ... i want to date yonghwa ... he fulfils my check list ... has all the qualities ... musician, composer, guitarist, dancer with silly butt wiggle, out of the box sense of humour ... i hope my baby hyun bin doesn't think I'm two timing him ... really feeling so very silly today ... :D
hahahahah all of them are just like you are good looking .. why are you also good at singing that's not fair lol i love kyuhyun's comment "they are a bad group and greedy" lolllll