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hi guys! I'm back again with AGD previews! anyone out there also a big AGD fan???? if you want to subscribe to my previews just sign up and follow me on my page! ( ==================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Ep 11 The 4 guys who went to camp were setting the table, building the tent, etc to make sure everything is well prepared. The 4 guys who only bring alcohol with them were looking at some girls next to their tent and made an offer to exchange lamyun with their alcohol but someone already anticipated it… 캠핑하러 온 네 남자는 테이블 세팅을 하며 텐트를 치는 등 만반의 준비를 한다. 술만 가져온 네 남자는 옆 텐트에 있는 여자들에게 가서 라면과 술을 바꾸자는 제안을 하지만 벌써 누군가가 선수를 쳤는데...
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Are the video preview out?
5 years ago·Reply
yup. it out yesterday...
5 years ago·Reply
where is the recape for episode 11 ??
5 years ago·Reply