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There isn’t much to the teasers for the upcoming drama about a relationship between an art director and pianist other than showcasing what potentially could be explosive chemistry. And they combine both of their professions as we listen to classical music while viewing images that look like paintings. Here’s the official poster: One thing I’ll say is that it looks sexy. So perhaps this will be one heart pounding, dark, passionate affair. We’ll find out starting March 17th on jTBC. Credit: jTBCdrama, jTBClove
@divalycious i loved it more than i expected!!! and omg the way they sit next to each other!!!!! i am already dying hahahaha
@ZitlalitRodrigu the first 2 eps are out and subbed and a lot of the drama website i sent you would have it or you can check out viki!
@ameliasantos10 wat its out ...is it subbed and where can I watch
@ameliasantos10 … i just watched the first two episodes … n i love it … Yoo Ah In is such a good actor … :D
@ZitlalitRodrigu have you seen the first episode??????? it seems really goood!!! I watched it this morning!
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