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The band CNBLUE came back with a little more mature and deep sentiment. The vocal of Jung Yong Hwa singing in a way as if he is crying matched relatively well with the repeating lyrics ‘Can’t stop me now’. At the midnight of February 24th, CNBLUE released the music from 5th mini album Can’t stop and also the music video. This music video that begins with Jung Yong Hwa’s piano shows CNBLUE’s deep sentiment the way it is. The various changes such as the lyrical intro, a sweet vocal of Jung Yong Hwa singing as if crying and the emotion that is heightened a little starting from the middle of the song and so on are impressive. Can’t stop is a song written by Jung Yong Hwa and it is a song that expressed unstoppable mind. If they showed upbeat and refined rock genre songs until now, a sweet piano and a fresh genre known as Britpop catches the attention this time. This music video expresses CNBLUE’s vibe well overall and focused on their music that has gone through a change. The music that flows calmly beginning with Jung Yong Hwa’s soft piano, and a fancy band sound that is like as if it is reaching the climax, is like watching one of the scenes of a performance. Also, CNBLUE members, who are showing more mature charm with suits, and the scene of various flowers such as cherry blossoms that falls like a snow, red tulip, forget-me-not, amaryllis and blue rose falling was produced in a beautiful way. Not only that, the fun can also come from watching the facial expression of Jung Yong Hwa and the female main character, who is a foreigner, as the facial expressions convey the lyrics the way they are. Meanwhile, CNBLUE will hold all-live comeback show ‘Can’t stop’ broadcasted at SBS on 2nd of next month. Source | Article credits: Naver
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i am so excited to see this performed on stage!!!! erghh i am jealous of the girl in the music video! T____T