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Time Slip Dr Jin Ep 11 Preview out for you guys!!! Follow me here if you want regular updates peeps ( Also if you are taking my translation PLEASE credit me, otherwise... I will be pissed. grin. anyway, enjoy guys! And please SHARE with friends and fellow fans! ====================================== Time Slip Dr Jin Episode 11 "No! You can't die like this!!" Jin Hyuk, Haeung, and Youngrae are accused of treason, and for plotting to try to poison the Queen Mother. As a result they will be hung! eeks. Younghwi tries to find Kyungtak to ask his help to save Youngrae, but he turns her down. Meanwhile, Chunhong has a strange prediction and says that there is a sign that says the desitny of those 3 people will depend on him... [who is this "him"??? v ambiguous here] 안돼! 이렇게 죽어선 안돼! 조대비를 독살하려 하고 반역을 꾀했다는 죄명으로 진혁, 하응, 영래는 교수형에 처 해지게 된다. 영휘는 경탁을 찾아가 영래를 살려달라 부탁을 하지만 경탁은 애써 외 면한다. 한편, 춘홍은 세 사람의 운명에 대해 양날의 검인 그자에게 달렸다는 묘한 점괘를 내 놓는데...
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Ep 12 spoilers here too guys