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In You Who Came From the Stars, episode 18, it was revealed how Lee Jae Kyung(played by Shin Sung Rok) killed his brother Lee Han Kyung(played by Yeon Woo Jin). Lee Hwi Kyung(played by Park Hae Jin) found Jae Kyung’s ex-wife and asked how she got caught in a mental hospital. She explained, “I found a recorder pen in Han Kyung’s room. I heard what was recorded and pawned it at a pawnshop.” Hwi Kyung sensed that something important was recorded and went to the pawnshop to pick the recorder up. As Hwi Kyung turned the recorder on, he heard the voice of him and Han Kyung recorded. Hwi Kyung came into Han Kyung’s room and handed him a cup of juice saying, “Jae Kyung asked me to give this to you.” Han Kyung thanked him and drank the juice. Shortly, Jae Kyung came into Han Kyung’s room while Han Kyung was feeling sick and dizzy. Jae Kyung looked at his brother with an emotionless face and said, “You’re not getting drunk, you’re getting numb. You’ll soon lose strength in your hands and feet, and your tongue will get numb. Then you’ll fall asleep.” Han Kyung was shocked and asked, “What do you mean?” Jae Kyung continued, “Your body will be found in the middle of a highway. You’ll die for drunk driving. I’ve always wished that you would be gone. You were so annoying. Father never gave me a chance just because I was born later than you.” Han Kyung asked for help, but Jae Kyung looked down at him. Hwi Kyung started to cry while listening to his brothers’ conversation.