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Want to look taller, and slimmer? There are very few of us that are naturally blessed like that, but that doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it. Like always, the right fashion can help everything! Here are some tips on how to look taller and slimmer. 1. Avoid color blocks and Embrace Monochromatic Picking the right colors plays an important role here. The very basic rule you should remember is that you have to create vertical line, so that you can look longer and slimmer. Color blocking by trying different colors on your legs and shoes is not an good option for people with short legs. If you are tall, that might be acceptable but if you are not, use same colors on your legs and shoes so that it can create vertical and lean leg lines. Choose a black skirt, black hose and black shoes. It will never fail. By choosing all one color, you can make eyes travel from your shoulder to toes which tricks people to think that you are longer than you actually are. Wearing all dark or dark grey, or navy can also help because those colors are always slimming. 2. Patterns When you wear striped clothes, you should try one with vertical stripes. Especially if they are striped pants, because it will make your legs look much longer. 3. Skirts and Dresses Wearing long skirts or dresses doesn't really help you look long and slender. Those clothes will cover your vertical body line, which is never good for people with short legs. This would make you look even heavier. Your skirt or dress should not go further than your knee. 4. Jeans Which type of jean will work the best to help you look longer and slender? The answer is flare jeans and boot cut jeans. When you wear flare jeans, make sure that the leg part is super slim, the hem goes to the top of your feet correctly, and your waistband stops at your natural waist line. A common misconception is that people think straight jeans work well for those with short legs, but it definitely does not.
@ameliasantos10 you should totally get those striped pants!! Those are totally signature pieces and they stand out without having to do much to it and like @kristenadams mentioned they will totally make your legs look longer :D I will also bring out mine soon too!!
I love the idea of wearing striped pants to make your legs longer!~ I just saw a couples at the stores maybe this is a sign saying I should go back to get them :) thanks for the tips!!~