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11) Super Junior's Siwon Feelin himself...literally. 12 )BIG BANG's Taeyang 13)N.O.M For those who like those tall, lean boys with only hints of chocolate abs. DATS MY TYPE ;) 14)Kim Jae Wook Long hair and shirtless guitar playing. Kim Jae Wook is like the whole world in this gif! 15)Jaejoong Back during the DBSK days JJ was rocking out with fur and body rolls for dayssss 16)Kim Hyun Joong Sugar rush! That back line demands to be touched! ok close ur eyes now HE IS ONLY MY NAMJA HAHAS ;) <3 17)RAIN King of the Body Rolls!! @tyta468 unnie What's this epic body roll dance from you ask? Why it's from Rain's hit song "Love Song," which is currently playing in my head as I type this. omgg oppas reaallly alll i can say isss Y DO YOU DO DIS 2 USSSS ANDAEEEE :P HAHAS <3 BUT DOO LOVE THEM ALL <3 sorry not tagging anyone might be 2 mucchh 4 some hahas if u c it find urself lucky :) <3 credit 2
@saharjalpari9 ..chingu still looking this card, and I have to comment, nobody better than our korean man...rain the king of abssss, my namja forever..
Yummy guys -_-
@serbshavemofun it took me forever to move on from this page! hahahaha
Well damn @saharhyunjoong this is a .... well just... drool... O_O
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