A photo along with a caption that read, ‘Lee Min Ho is gambling’ spread across SNS accounts in China, leading to his gambling scandal. The photo shows Lee Min Ho playing a game in a casino, without caring much about the presence of those around him. The photo l led many Chinese netizens and Korean press to question whether Lee Min Ho was gambling.
do not know why? whenever he is in the highest level of careers, these malicious comments arise not think it's good for he, all we have to support Minoz lee min ho, he's where all these for Minoz
ahhahahah that is true : ) @Jellylovesfaith the news is slowly dying down and yes i agree our Minoz has that effect on people hahaha just a bright smile and everybody forget :D
@ameliasantos10 ahh well our boy can be a bit eccentric sometimes ^_^ but i think this has already become old news. and the netizens really supported and defended him which was nice to see, It's the Minho effect.. a bright big smile from him and you forget what it was that you were thinking about
hahaha @jellylovesfaith maybe maybe he's preparing for his role but maybe that might not be the best way to approach this ... by practicing in public lol that could bring up a very big controversy hence the news articles lol
@ameliasantos10 yeah they are being a bit tough on him. On the flip side though, what if he was actually preparing for his role as a gangster? i know it's a bit far fetched and all, but he does get very absorbed into his roles all the time :P
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