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Three Hwons from yesterday's end party for last performance^^ Hoonhoon*, you can smell the handsomeness/warmth*!!! hehe *pun, "훈내난다" (smell the handsomeness/warmth) = hoon nae nan da
@ameliasantos10 Ikr my heart dropped when I found out that sm over worked all of the idols at least some point in their career :o
@aneezaful I know!! I am like that with all the stars... because sometimes when they come on air they look so sick and tired .. I rather they get a day of sleep than come on a show!! and my heart breaks everytime I hear that someone fainted while performing :(
@ameliasantos10 Ikr!! I hate it when they over work themselves, I'd rather see less suju than see sick suju you know what I mean?
@aneezaful oh right he just finishe SS5 .. sometimes I feel bad for them when their schedule overlaps like this.. I can hardly function after getting like 5 hours of sleep but I doubt he gets anymore than 3 hours of sleep :(
@ameliasantos10 He does look pale and I think it's understandable that he's sick or something cuz he just finished SS5 and now his musical ended too Maybe he's just tired D:
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