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I initially considered this BB cream when I first wanted to start out trying BB cream. I heard Skinfood was a good skincare benefit brand so I looked through all their BB creams, and it narrowed down to the Skinfood Mushroom and this Skinfood Peach Sake. I ended up choosing the Mushroom BB Cream because there wasn’t many reviews on the Peach Sake and in all honesty, the more I wore it, the more I hated it. Being able to try this BB Cream now, I look back and really wish that I’d ordered the Peach Sake BB Cream instead. First impression was exactly like what a BB cream claims to do: make the skin look nice and flawless without being so cakey. It also has a nice perfume, peach blossom-ish and I don’t mind it but I do notice it. It’s not too strong of a smell and does go away after a little while, but for those who do not like perfumes in their makeups, maybe this BB cream is not the best choice. Another thing I realized is that this BB cream does NOT make me oily. I’ve tried a few BB creams and they tend to make the face oily. Funny thing is, I’m not even an oily person. I have dry skin, yet I felt like I needed to blot after a few hours with most BB creams I’ve tried, which is not the case at all with this BB cream, and that’s another thing I really like about it. A huge plus for me was that this BB cream didn’t make me break out either. I have relatively sensitive and acne prone skin, however I do keep good care of my skin so it doesn’t break out, but with most bb creams I wore they made me break out or have black heads, a problem I usually don’t have. So far, this hasn’t been a problem with the Peach Sake BB Cream. Like many other bb creams, this BB cream oxidizes to match your skin tone. I also think the packaging is very cute, and I love that it’s a pump. The only complaint I’d say I have is that sometimes there’s not much control over how much BB cream comes out but it’s something I can live with. Overall, I give this BB cream a 4/5 rating. The biggest pros were that it doesn’t make me oily and break out. Cons were that it does have a noticeable perfume and the pump control. The last thing I want to address is the claim on minimizing the pores. I don’t have big pores, so I can’t say whether it minimizes my pores or not, but I will say that it definitely does not settle into the pores, enhance them, or enlarge them. For someone interested in this bb cream, I’d say definitely try it out. This is one of the BB creams that I’ve liked more, and I’ve also gotten compliments as well. Source:
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hmmm... finding a BB cream that deals with pore minimising well is really hard to find... I'll have to KEEP ON SEARCHING!