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Skin Food Fresh Juice C Serum Whitening is one of those hit or miss products you occasionally run across from Skin Food. I really love some of Skin Food’s offerings but I find many of the skincare products are more a fail than a hit for me sometimes as they promise a whole lot of everything but deliver on very little of it. Having tried the entire range of the Skin Food Fresh Juice C Collection I must say it proved disappointing to say the least. As I mentioned above I tried the entire collection of Skin Food Fresh Juice C Collection. I used it, stuck with it, and finished all of it but I really didn’t see much change in my skin after use. Skin Food Fresh Juice C Serum Whitening is a skin brightening essence that contains fruit complex extracts as well vitamin c and arbutin. I typically apply this after toner prior to emulsion and moisturizer. The texture is a watery essence with a bright scent. I like the scent a lot, it’s kinda fruity and citrus-like but be careful if you’re sensitive it might be a bit much if you are. This comes with a dropper so you can apply a few drops in the palms of your hands and press it gently onto your face. It absorbs easily, leaves some hydrating factors behind although not much, and doesn’t leave my skin tacky or sticky after use. It comes in a clear, heavy glass bottle. The glass scares me as I’m clumsy enough to drop and shatter it on my floors, thankfully that hasn’t happened yet with any Skin Food products, phew, dodged a bullet! I think the clearer glass probably isn’t the best storage for Vitamin C to remain stable. I also question what sort of Vitamin C is used since it can’t technically be absorbed into the skin unless processed correctly. I think the arbutin might also be a small dosage as well since after constant use with the entire Fresh Juice C rage I really didn’t feel like my skin was lighter or brighter. Overall, Fresh Juice C Serum and really, the entire range of Fresh Juice C products are a disappointment. They smell nice, have a nice weightless feel, and offer a little hydration but they don’t wow me enough to repurchase. Source: Musings of a Muse Do you guys agree??? What do you think?
i know what you mean. I'm trying out the Tony Moly Whitening serum now, i think it is working but I dont know if it is due to psychological effects!!! hehe
I think skinfood whitening products are not strong enough. I'm using pomegranate whitening sleeping mask but it doesnt really show anything different