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My newest babies, I got these for a steal, $16 off the clearance rack, not bad, huh?? (*_*)
That is such a great steal for a cute pair of shoes....I love heels but only own two pairs I actually wear haha, are they comfy?
omg .. a small pond?? @cheerfulcallie & @mrjockx where were you guys hanging out?? next to a rain forest? ahahhaha wow.. well I guess next time we should just avoid any surface of water now shouldn't we?
@ameliasantos10 dont listen to him...i swear that puddle was huge like a small pond, yep...i had no choice and besides, i thought it was surface water, i didnt realize there was depth to it, until my foot started to sink....hahhahahha!!!! @mrjockX you shush, you did nothing but stood there...your fault!!! yahhhh, i blame you!!!
@mrjockX well I guess there's always a twist and turn to every story? ahhahahaha well I guess maybe @cheerfulcallie had a reason to do so? .. but hey sis why would you step into a puddle with those beautiful shoes? T_T
no no no such words ever came out my mouth, I mean it wasn't even that big a puddle at all she had to do was walk around the thing but nooo suddenly that means she's too heavy for me too lift :( @ameliasantos10
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