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A visit to Taman Indie Riverside Restaurant, located in the prestigious Taman Araya Complex in Malang, East Java, feels like a visit to a grandmother’s house in Java. The establishment makes use of its ample size and its view of the Bango River to offer many different sections for its guests, such as the bale (Balinese style gazebo), or the pawon, a dining area with an antique, Indonesian colonial atmosphere. Enjoying the river’s sight and sound from the bale gazebo, surrounded by lush greenery while enjoying beautifully garnished traditional meals, makes for a memorable moment. In Javanese, pawon means kitchen. The pawon in Taman Indie is shaped like an old fashioned Javanese kitchen, showcasing various antique pottery and utensils. This restaurant offers various menus from Indonesian, Chinese to Western food, but its Indonesian cuisines are definitely the highlight. Examples of Taman Indie’s Indonesian dishes are tahu sukun (fried tofu) served with petis (a black sauce containing fermented shrimp), nasi bebek betutu (duck cooked in Balinese-style spice mix, rice, Indonesian style salad and sambal matah condiment) and nasi timbel mangkunegaran, which is a set comprising sayur asem (a spicy and sour vegetable soup), fried chicken, salted fish, sweet-cooked tofu and tempeh bacem served with rice covered in fresh banana leaf. For a one-plate meal, try their nasi goreng saudagar, which is Javanese style fried rice mixed with noodle, cabbage and scrambled egg served with traditional crackers. The restaurant also serves refreshing and delicious desserts. The jamu (Javanese traditional herbal medicine) parlor serves various concoctions believed to be beneficial for one’s health or even ease certain symptoms of health ailments. In one corner of the room is a small boutique selling batik products and next to the jamu parlor is a bakery selling various old fashioned snacks strongly influenced by the culinary style of the Dutch, who colonized Indonesia for hundreds of years. The Dutch legacy in Indonesia’s world of baked goods include kastengles, (cheesy, buttery biscuits) and putri salju (powder sugar-coated buttery biscuits). These are displayed in the bakery in vintage-style glass containers. Since its opening in August 2005, Taman Indhie had been quite popular with tourists. Near its entrance is a display of various photos of celebrities and other famous Indonesians who have paid a visit to the restaurant. Taman Indhie Riverside Restaurant Lawang Sewu Golf No. 2-18, Kota Araya Malang, East Java Indonesia Tel. (62-341) 417777
@keshie hmmm ok lah.. quite nice environment. it was about to rain when i get there so i stayed there for few mins only.
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I just went there a couple months ago... lol!