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Not all sneakers are created equally. When combining the perfect match you will need both stylish sneakers and an array of handbags. Here is a guide to help connect your inner champion with today's modern fashion. Use this as a rule of thumb and feel free to get creative! Sneaker Wedge High-Tops and Crossbody Handbags This sporty combination is often seen through MICHAEL by Michael Kors. Each year MK creates an iconic style that bounces off his signature look; the all-American sporty woman. Let us look at some of his brilliant read-to-wear collections and create sassy collaborations. 1. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Mini Selma Messenger Bag - This cute little bag hangs across the body. It looks smart, hip, trendy, and goes great with skinny jeans and high-top sneaker wedges. Some MK sneaker wedges even have fur! 2. MICHAEL by Michael Kors Medium Selma Metallic Messenger Bag - Are you in love with low-top sneakers yet still want a little shine? Then this combo is for you! Try a metallic messenger bag like the one by Michael Kors. Pair it with low-top sneakers for a chic city look. 3. MICHAEL by Michael Kors iPhone 5 Crossbody - Okay, so what woman doesn't own a smartphone these days? Have you ever been in a rush or had a busy day when you don't need a purse? Then check this out, the iPhone 5 crossbody makes carrying your iPhone fun and fashionable. Forget a purse, throw on a pair of any sneakers and go. Gucci Sneakers and Handbags Gucci, one of the fashion world's most sought-after runway brands, is known for their bold prints and shapely silhouettes. When it comes to pairing Gucci sneakers and handbags, there are no limits! 1. Gucci Soho Leather High-Top Sneakers - This versatile sneaker goes well with just about any handbag. For a true fashionista look, try on these high-tops with a Gucci suede fringed shoulder bag. You can make an outfit by wearing lace leggings and an off shoulder sweatshirt. 2. Brooklyn GG Leather Sneakers - Sleek and oh so clean, these sneakers work well with oversized everyday handbags. The trick to making these luxury low-tops blend in with your handbag is to coordinate your entire outfit to match. It may seem like common sense, however, if you are going to wear a tunic and sneakers, don't use a clutch, try a sophisticated tote instead. Mix it up and have fun! After all, fashion is about being creative!
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I think that even a simple pair of sneakers like converse can also shine in the fashion industry :) if you choose the right handbag and outfit to go with it I would say :’)