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Every woman has days when she wants to appear more slender and toned. While there's nothing like healthy eating and exercise to tone your way to a thinner body, clothes can help make you look thinner for days when you need a little extra help. Know your body type To succeed at looking thinner you'll need to know your body type and dress it to blend a harmonious top and bottom half. When you look proportionate and your clothes fit well, you'll automatically appear more slender. After all, black may be a slimming color but if you're an apple shape and wear a peplum dress, that extra width on your midsection won't be slimming at all. There are lots of online resources you can use to learn your body type if you're not sure what you have. The basic body shapes include pear, apple, triangle, hourglass and straight. Slimming clothes • Lengthening layers - Layers can add sliming length to your appearance without bulking you up. Try slim-fit pants, a long tee or cami and a thin, long cardigan to look thinner. • Structured clothes - For women who want to look thinner, structured clothes are very beneficial. Their exterior stitching, visible lines and other details can camouflage problem areas so you look and feel more confident. • Define your waist - Even if you're thick-waisted, using a slim belt to define your waist can accentuate your natural curves and draw attention away from body flaws. • Master the art of the graze - Clothing should graze over your body, not cling to it. If your tops have too much cling it can make you look large. As a rule, if you opt for tight on one part of the body (say, leggings), wear something looser (like an oversized tunic) to balance it out. • Pump up the patterns - The right pattern can be so visually appealing that it camouflages your problem areas. Avoid horizontal stripes, which widen your appearance. Try vertical stripes, diagonal stripes or oversized florals. • Choose good undergarments - A supportive bra is vital to looking slimmer, as saggy breasts can add 10 pounds to your silhouette. Likewise, shapewear can help smooth and flatten your curves, providing the right amount of support for a bodycon dress. Experiment with different styles until you find the right combination of clothes that flatter your body that you truly enjoy.
@onesmile I totally know what you mean .. no matter how lightly I try to layer them it’s still really hot!
@lillyann precisely~~! which is why hot weather gets to me, I think....makes it hard to layer as much as I like!
@onesmile me too!! I feel a little bit empty? It’s like .. hmm.. there should be something covering my arms hahah :’)
@lillyann That must be it. Layered really does work; I feel weird when I'm not layering!
I think girls just have a natural instinct to do what they think look best on them like you know that couple of outfits that you always wear!~ haha i always have one of those where I am most confident in!! and those outfits are usually layered haha so I guess you are right the desired effect is just subconsciously there @onesmile
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