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No good ever came from standing in the pouring rain watching the love of your life slip away ... happy ending ... drama writers ... give them bliss ... :) anyone else feeling the blues ... this drama too is winding down ... gonna miss our goguma ... :(
am I the only one who felt tempted to stand in the rain like a kdrama scene???
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ohhhhhhh my favourite rain scene @ameliasantos10 that i wouldn't mind being a part of is from love rain where jang guen suk fumbles with the broken umbrella ... so cute and they are both drenched ... wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... men take notes ... we want that ... :D
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hahahahahah ohhh i think i remember the scene vaguely lol but i know men should take notes of these things@divalycious they can just do a couple and we are all their's hahahahaha
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;) love Wan!;
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@irelis27 me too!!!! I feel so bad for him :( finally SingSing understands her own feeling!~ can't wait until next week!!!!
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