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Dressing for a first date can be super stressful: You want to look cute but not too cute, you want to show off your assets but not look trashy. It can be stressful enough to put you in a bad mood before your big date! Next time you're getting ready for a first date, stay calm and look classy with these fashion tips. General rules To avoid underdressing or overdressing for the occasion, keep in mind what you two are going to do and when the date is. A Sunday afternoon date calls for a much more casual look than a Friday night date. Likewise, if you're going bowling or meeting for a museum stroll, you'll want to wear something different than if you are having a dinner date. When you dress to the occasion, you'll feel comfortable in what you're doing and this will come off as confidence. He'll definitely find this sexy. Outfits that work • Weeknight casual date: Grabbing an after dinner drink together? If you've got time to change first, head home and slip into patterned capris, a plain tee and a motorcycle jacket or structured blazer. If you're more of a skirts girl, try a feminine floral with a sweater in an accent color and a textured scarf. • Weeknight fancy date: Sure, it's only Tuesday. But you're having fondue for two and you want to look flirty. Try a belted dress with patterned sheer tights and a a tall pair of boots. In the summer, ditch the tights and boots and opt for colorful wedges. • Weekend casual date: A laid back weekend date calls for a laid back style. Try skinny jeans, a graphic tee that hug your curves just right and a cute cardigan or structured blazer on top. Add visual interest with a statement necklace or oversized earrings. • Weekend fancy date: Hard-to-get dinner reservations for Saturday night? Dress to impress (and fit in at the restaurant) in an LBD and heels that deliver a pop of color. Bring a shawl or cardi to cover up and showcase your personal sense of style with fun jewelry. On a first date, anything that's appropriate to your activity, makes you feel good and flatters your figure works well. All he needs to see is that you put some effort into what you put on, because it will show that you care about the date.
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Greag advice~ I love how you broke down each type of date. These tips can even work foe other events besides dates, I think!