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If you're self-conscious about the length of your legs, you might be reluctant to wear certain styles for fear they'll call attention to your legs. Truth is, there are many styles that can flatter your legs as they are while making them look longer. Stop sitting on the sidelines; get out there and show off your body using illusions and flattering cuts to make your legs appear longer than they really are. What to wear for longer legs There are many different ways to dress to give the illusion of longer legs, so you don't have to worry about looking the same every day. Come winter or summer, these strategies have you covered and include major trends. Looks that add instant length you your frame include: • Short styles - Showing some upper thigh skin with short short, skirts or dresses instantly lengthens your legs. Be tasteful with this if you want to wear a short style to work, or keep this look for the weekend. • Pencil skirts - Pencil skirts are both professional and lengthening, since they are generally worn high on the waist. Tuck a blouse into a pencil skirt to mimic extra-long legs. • High-waisted pants - Just like pencil skirts, high-waisted pants give the illusion that your hips lie higher than they are and your legs are longer than they are. Instant length! • Empire-waist maxi dress - Perfect for lazy summer weekends and no-fuss workwear, an empire waist maxi dress lengthens your silhouette. Combine it with heeled wedges to look taller. • Tunics - Tunics and other long shirts can give the illusion of allover length, including longer legs. Pair one with leggings or tights for a slimming and lengthening look. • Tall boots - There's a good reason that tall boots are still on trend: They make your legs look longer. Wear them over tight jeans or leggings to avoid unsightly bunching. • Slim-cut pants - Slim-cut tailored pants and skinny jeans emphasize your lines in a way that can make you seem taller, in contrast to loose-fitting pants, which hide your lines and do not contribute to length. Slim-cut pants in dark colors will also be slimming, which can be a plus. These are just some of the ways that you can mimic length in the leg to look and feel your best. What solutions do you have for faking long, luxurious legs?
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Fun tips~~ I love how there are so many different ways to make the illusion of longer legs; everyone can find a way!