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No matter what your man may tell you, vacuums were not specifically designed for only women to use. The same holds true for the dish rag, the mop and the feather duster, even if the feather duster's pink. A few strategies can get your guy to help around the house, regardless of the color of your feather duster. Have ‘the housework chat.’ Tell your guy how important it is for you two to share things together, and part of that sharing involves housework. Then set aside time to discuss how you’ll share the load in a way that’s fair for both of you. If one of you works killer hours all week while the other holds a part-time job, the latter may have a bigger housework load. The former, however, may be more apt to shell out cash for groceries or cleaning supplies. Offer options. Make a list of chores that need to be done on a regular basis and then divide them accordingly. Giving your guy choices lets him still exercise his decision-making powers while ensuring everything on the list indeed gets done. Instead of saying, “You’re cleaning the toilet,” you can ask if he’d rather clean the toilet or the litter box. Make sure you pair up choices that share equal levels of attractiveness, or lack thereof. Otherwise you may find yourself perpetually stuck with both the toilet and the litter box. Vacuuming or mopping? Dusting or dishes? Cleaning the windows or the walls? Do daily tasks as needed. For weekly tasks, have a regular "cleaning party" each week where you both do your pre-selected chores to ensure everything is cleaned on a consistent basis. Compliment his efforts. Even if his window washing leaves windows a bit streaky, go out of your way to thank him for his efforts and compliment what you can. “You used the squeegee so energetically!” Make a mental note that he might be better off mopping than washing windows, and switch the chores as necessary. Scolding your guy about the crummy job he did on any of the tasks is a surefire way to make him none too keen on helping at all. Constructive criticism is OK, provided it's supplemented with a thank you. Positive reinforcement can work wonders for promoting good behavior, and a guy who regularly dusts, mops and vacuums definitely falls into the good category.
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Are you kidding me? He's my husband not a child. Real men do housework. Period. This entire post is condescending to men and rediculous. If he's not helping he's just a bum.
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