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Choosing between a successful career and a successful relationship is kind of like being forced to choose between air and water. You need both for a fulfilling life. The secret to having both is not really a secret at all, but rather finding a way to make both a priority. A few quick tips can help. Treat each as the priority it is. Having two main priorities can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be if you cut back on other tasks or obligations as needed. Something probably has to give, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to your career or relationship. Perhaps you can skip this week’s girl’s night out to spend a night out with your honey. Or maybe giving up one of your noble yet time-consuming volunteer duties can give you extra time to spend on that massive project at work. Stop the Wonder Woman mindset. No, you don’t have to do everything perfectly. No, you don’t even have to do everything; ask for help when you need it. And yes, you’re a human being. We mere humans can only do so much without cracking. So slay the guilt that haunts you when you can’t be everything to everybody. Instead go back your priorities, and focus on being the best employee and best girlfriend or wife you can humanly be. Create crafty combinations. This tip is a tricky one, as you do want to have distinct boundaries between your work life and personal life. You shouldn’t be texting your boss during an intimate night with your beau just as you shouldn’t be texting your beau during a make-or-break business conference call. But at times you may be able to cleverly combine the two. Perhaps you can send a sweet text or two to let your guy know you’re thinking about him during a late night at the office. Or maybe he can meet you at the location of your next business trip for a romantic weekend together once your workweek obligations are complete. One final tip is to keep it all in perspective. Ask yourself which will matter more in 10 years: your current job or your current relationship? Your answer can help shape both going forward without losing sight of what really matters.