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Eating low-carb is a great way to lose weight and stay lean, but finding foods that are low in carbohydrates is a real challenge. And cooking entire meals with low-carb ingredients is time-consuming and a pain to plan. Vegetables, meats, and dairy products are all compliant with the low-carb diet, but turning them into something special is easier said than done. Fortunately, many clever, low-carb cooks have devised easy, quick recipes to get dieters by in a pinch. These meal ideas are a snap to make, taste great, and will keep you thin and fit. Mediterranean Frittata Quiches and frittatas both make use of a rich, savory egg mixture to make a pie-shaped casserole filled with a variety of ingredients. However, unlike a quiche, a frittata has no crust, meaning it has very few carbs. Frittatas can be dressed up to accommodate any eater’s preference. Cauliflower Pizza Pizza is by far the food that I miss the most on a low-carb diet, and until I found this recipe ( I thought nothing could replace it. Fortunately, cauliflower is a highly versatile vegetable that can be substituted for starchy, high-carb ingredients. It takes a little bit of work, but this low-carb pizza will make you forget all about the starchy, carb-laden pies you used to chow down on. Easy Crockpot Chili A meal that only takes one pot and a few minutes of your time is hard to beat. Crockpot chili can be adapted to be as low-carb as you desire. Using a variety of vegetables, ground beef, and spices, you can turn out a delicious stew that will please anyone. Plus, there is a plethora of low-carb toppings to accompany this chili. Portobello Burgers It’s a safe bet that a nice cheeseburger is right behind pizza on your list of favorite cheat-foods. Sure, you can eat a burger wrapped in lettuce, but the convenient appeal of a delicious, handheld sandwich is lost. To work around this problem, try using grilled Portobello mushrooms as your “bun,” and build yourself a burger with all the fixings. As long as you watch out for hidden carbs in the condiments, it should fill the burger-shaped hole in your heart. Images: burger: Chili: cauliflower pizza: Frittata:
@OliviaMukungu that is probably a better way to do it! :)
@lillyann thank you I will keep that in mind , but i think my way of eating has turned into just eating small portions of whatever I want .
@OliviaMukungu i used to go on low carbs too!! but I totally became a bit of an emotional wreck from mood swings! just be careful and not over do it!
@oliviaNakazibwe don't you feel tired on the low carb diet?
I love low carb diet because it has all the foods that I love to eat anyways
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