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San Francisco is home to a huge amount of cyclists. Unfortunately, the city is plagued with a massive amount of bicycle theft. About 1 out of every 15 cyclists in San Francisco have had a bicycle stolen from them. Suzy Safdie, a resident of San Francisco, was riding with her nephew on her new $1200 Cannondale Synapse. They went to visit Suzy's sister, rode up the elevator with their bikes and left the bikes outside the door. Suzy's bike was stolen within 2 minutes, taken down the elevator, and vanished with the thief. However, Suzy realized her iPhone was with her bike. She logged into iCloud in order to use 'Find my iPhone", notified police officers of the situation and the location of the thief. Officers found the thief, arrested him, and returned the bike all within 45 minutes. The thief will be charged with a misdemeanor theft charge. “They let him off on my charge with a misdemeanor, which I find ridiculous,” Safdie says. “If they don’t do anything more serious, it’s just going to keep happening.”
I love that path along the water! Great views of the Golden Gate.
i mean i read it as the thief getting an app so ofcourse by nature my brain is already like "oh I wonder what kind of apps" hahahahah @joebiden what were you expecting? ahhah what kind of app did you have in mind?
hahahha so funny @pampam93
@joebiden you weren't the only one hahaha I clicked right away curious about how this app work.. does it shows where bikes are parked or something? hahahaha
at first I read this as "gets app"and I was wondering who built an app for bike theives hahaha