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New York City's new 'Citi Bike' bike share program has been plagued with a hard winter. However, the bike share program has been immensely successful since it's start in the city. Citi Bikers have taken only about 7,500 trips per day on average this February. Even on February 13th, it snowed 10 inches in NYC and Citi Bikers took 900 trips totaling 6,000 miles (that's like riding to California from NYC in a blizzard!) This may seem like a lot of riding, and who wants to ride bikes in the snow anyway!? However, this number is down from January, where Citi Bikers took an average of 10,000 trips per day, which was also a terrible time to go out and ride. Part of this dip in demand was due to the system's operators not delivering bikes to stations that need them. A watchdog blog called 'bikeshareNYC' reported that on Monday, 60 of the city's 330 bike share stations had no bikes at all. That is nearly 20 percent of all the stations! The good news is, as the system's operators get adjusted to this relatively new system in NYC and the weather warms, demand for the bikes will go up. In the summer and fall the number of trips averages at 40,000 a day!
Luckily I haven't had to deal with too much rotten weather. My school is pretty good about giving us snow days and there is a train right next to my apartment that drops me off right at work so I'm outside for less than 10 minutes!
@nokcha Biking in the snow is sometimes my only option for transportation :( do you get around when the weather is bad?
I am so done with all of this snow in the city! Forget biking! I can't even WALK in the city hahaha @cheerfulcallie
i couldnt bike in the snow, thats just tooo cold!!!