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Another great Thai song and this one is translated, (*_*) @pampam93 sis, this is for you...
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@cityofkyle your welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it, btw I have a few of my fav Thai songs on my wall too, (*_*)
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@cheerfulcallie thank you! I'll definitely listen, I'm always looking for new, fun music
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@cityofkyle there's a lot of great Thai contemporary songs! you should definitely check them out hahaha @cheerfulcallie so what songs have you been listening to lately?
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@pampam93 atm im addicted to a lakorn soundtrack by AB Normal, "Yahk Pen Kon Non", from the lakorn Rang Pratana with Nadech and Kimberly...
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@cheerfulcallie @pampam93 still need to make time for this! T.T @cheerfulcallie ill add those to my list!
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