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The Beatles "1" album has been one of my favorite albums since my childhood. I recently rediscovered my love for The Beatles after a late night singalong session with my roommates. "Ticket to Ride" is my favorite song by the Beatles.
@lillyann no I totally understand haha~~ Eric Clapton is definitely good for that ^^
@lillyann well for Elton John I have listened to a couple of song ... but on a gloomy evening I think Eric Clapton totally gets me in the mood to just sit on the sofa and read and just think ... wow that sounds a lot more dramatic than I intended
@lillyann exactly!! I'm not sure if you're a fan, but my dad and I love just sitting around and listening to Elton John music. Not as old, I know, but still a throwback :)
hahaha @kylelhandikian @onesmile don’t you just love it when you stumble across older music and you realised wow... now this is the real music??
@kylekhandikian That sounds like so much fun! Looks like I'm going to have to put on my Beatles playlist and go through a refresher as well~~
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