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MtGox Shut Down, Bitcoin Drops
The worlds former largest trading platform for bitcoins has been taken offline, and its leadership is disappearing. As much as 6% of all bitcoins have been taken out of circulation since the exchange stopped allowing withdrawals a few months ago. To me, this will really hurt bitcoin, people just won't invest when these exchanges are so untrustworthy.
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damn did you have any money in there?
4 years ago·Reply
Nope my roomate tried to get me to invest but I had no money at the time! good thing!
4 years ago·Reply
@curtis What do you mean by 'leadership is disappearing' ?
4 years ago·Reply
@teamwaffles the leadership of mtgox, funfact it was a magic the gathering online trading platform when it started
4 years ago·Reply
its looking like medalion.chempiooooooooooooooooooooon
3 years ago·Reply