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PS4 sells 322,083 units in two days in Japan
Sony had a very respectable launch of the PS4 in Japan. Many expects were skeptical of how successful the launch of the PS4 would be. Japan has been experiencing a drop in demand for console systems, and the Japanese public is starting to demand more mobile games, so this is good news for Sony. Sony has recovered from their terrible launch of the PS3 in Japan, only selling around 88,000 units. However, the PS2 nearly doubled the amount of PS4 units on its launch. Only time will tell if Sony will be successful in Japan, what do you think?
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Isn't Japan home turf? Why are these numbers so low compared to the US?
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@curtis well, the gaming culture is quite different in Japan than it is in other parts of the world. Even though Sony is a Japanese company, consoles are not the preferred type of gaming in Japanese culture. I know it sounds silly!
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what is the preferred type of gaming?
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