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Glam Disco Watch
Love these watches...
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I usually am not the biggest fans of gold accessories but this gold watch is just so pretty!!! I want one :(
3 years ago·Reply
@lillyann awww thank you, im glad we have the same taste in accessories, makes me smile knowing that others likes them too....@ameliasantos10 the one featured is silver and theirs a gold one too, i like both but i lean toward silver more often...
3 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie no of course! all the pictures you have posted are all so adorable! how could I not like them!! ~
3 years ago·Reply
@lillyann im really glad you do b/c i have been behind on updating a lot of my collections, lolz
3 years ago·Reply
hahaha ohh ... please do update!! ahhah I simply love them all :) @cheerfulcallie
3 years ago·Reply