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Making time in your busy schedule to get to the gym is never easy. To most people, staying fit seems like an unattainable goal that requires lots of time and energy. But this actually isn’t true. You can stay in shape with just a few basic exercises, and you can even do them in the comfort of your own home – no equipment necessary! Between these four exercises, you’ll be getting an intense full body workout that will rival any equipment-based regimen. As with any new exercise, start slow and work your way up. You’ll be great shape before you know it! The Push-Up This simple exercise just might be the most important of them all. The push-up provides a heavy workout for your upper body, abdominals, and parts of your lower body. It’s an easy exercise to master, and you can make it as harsh or as easy as you like. For an extra tough push-up, try resting your toes on an elevated surface, putting your arms and upper body on a downward slant. This will intensify the upper body benefits. The Plank This seemingly easy workout move is actually the most rigorous and difficult on the list. The plank is a whole body exercise that will work out every core muscle group. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t hold your plank for very long. It’s considered an accomplishment, even for those in great shape, just to hold this move for 30 seconds at a time. The Sit-Up Sit-ups are one of the core movements needed to build your abdominals. If you want those six-pack abs, you’re going to have to get very familiar with sit-ups. However, sit-ups are often done incorrectly, which can cause back problems and other injuries. Watch the accompanying video to learn how to execute the perfect sit-up. The Squat Getting a firm, toned backside is the main motivation of many who wish to start a regular exercise routine. And the best way to get your rear in shape is to start doing squats. Squats are ineffective if not done properly, and they can even cause back pain and injury if done carelessly. Take the time to learn how to properly squat, and listen to your body if it tells you to slow down the pace.
@onesmile Do these for 30 minutes after pilates! You're computer will be waiting for you when you get back :)
*watches videos* *tells myself I will do these* *stays on the computer* haha!! I do pilates sometimes, so I'm familiar with these movements but your info on the problems that can be caused if done incorrectly is news to me....guess I gotta slow down and be more careful.
I'm going to be adding these to my morning routine! Thanks ever so much for the tips!
@onesmile same here *high five*