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Finding motivation to work out is never easy. Sure, the rewards of losing weight, building muscle, and feeling fit are feel great when you achieve them, but when you’re not yet seeing improvement, those rewards aren’t always good motivators. Participating in fun activities that double as exercise is an easy way to get keep up your fitness routine without it feeling like drudgery. Try some of these fun, fat-busting activities to supplement your boring workout schedule. Take a Hike Set a day aside and take a hike on one of your local trails. Whether your excursion is urban or rural, hiking a few miles while carrying a backpack will burn a considerable number of calories. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to take in the fresh air and landscape views. Bust a Move Dancing is a great way to burn extra calories, and you’ll never get bored hitting the dance floor with your friends. Try dancing classes like Zumba and Salsa, or even head out to your favorite club. As long as you’re dancing enough to break a sweat and get into an aerobic zone, you’ll be getting the benefits. Play Catch What you throw and who you play with doesn’t matter. Head out to the park with your dog to toss a tennis ball around, or grab a Frisbee and start up a volley with friends. The running and jumping that accompanies a game of catch is sure to work your lower body and burn excess fat. Ride a Bike Cycling is wonderful for cardio and lower body exercise. Riding around town is a great way to get started, but taking to the trails with a mountain bike will increase the quality of your workout. Mountain biking takes the challenge one step further by extending the workout range into your arms and upper body. These examples are just a few of the many fun activities that can double as a workout. Explore your own interests and hobbies to find more options for entertaining workout activities. images: hike: catch: biking:
if I just do a lot of part one (hiking) am I allowed to forgo the other 3? lol
@windycitytale Ride a bike, check. Take a hike, check. Play catch, check. I don't know if I'll be busting a move though, I've got two left feet :(
@windycitytale im right in the city! my roommate is from chicago! I've never been (other than the airport) but I really want to go!
@nokcha I hear ya. Chicago has not been any good either. What part of NY u from?
I need winter to end so i can get back to walking outside. its too cold and icy here in ny still :/